SmileMobile - Mobile Dental Clinic in Clarkston

The Arcora Foundation – SmileMobile dental clinic (3 operatories) is here and located at Grantham Elementary School.

The dentist – Dr. Jennifer Domagalski and team will see babies (first tooth), children and youth (up to age 21), pregnant/postpartum women, and adult family members with Apple Health and uninsured.

They will offer a dental exam., fluoride varnish, and oral hygiene instructions. Depending on the patient need we may offer one or more of the following: x-rays, sealants, simple extraction, Silver Diamine Fluoride (stops the growth of tooth decay), palliative, and other services. They will write referrals for students and family members that have comprehensive dental needs.

In 2021, only 30% of children 20 years and younger in Asotin County with Apple Health went to the dentist.

They have openings beginning tomorrow (Wednesday, May 25) and plan to be here through Friday.

Families are welcome to stop by and/or call Karri Amundson directly to schedule at 206.276.1620.